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Mobile hairdressing in Hertfordshire

Mobile hairdressing

I have a salon trained background in hairdressing and have over 20 years experience in the industry.

I offer a variety of hairdressing services as well as cutting & blow drying and hair up.


Hi/low lights
  • Pieces/strands of hair are placed in foil and coloured to give a streaked effect.
  • Because the hair is placed in the foil it is a very versatile way of doing colour, they can be thick /fine or even slices.
  • Dark or light or even both colours if so desired. Foils can also be incorporated with a full head tint as well.
Full head tint
  • This is applied directly to the scalp/root area and lengths of the hair.
  • If you are after complete coverage of grey hair or the same colour all over this is the one for you, you would need a 48 hour skin test for this.
  • This is a freehand technique applying colour by hand to create a sun lightened effect.
  • This is a technique which creates the dip dyed effect look so ends of the hair are lighter than the roots.
  • All my colours are Loreal or Wella, but I can use others if asked.


A lot of hairdressers don't do perms but I have been in the industry a while and I find that there are people who do still have perms and I am quite happy to do them. Contrary to popular belief they donĀ¹t have to be tight and frizzy.

Brazilian blow dry

This is a deep conditioning keratin blow dry treatment that is blow dried into the hair to help relax waves and ease the frizz and make it more manageable, but not make it straight. The use of straighteners in the treatment is because the heat of the straighteners activates and seals the solution into the hair. The process can take up to 2/3 hours depending on the thickness and length of the hair. Cutting is not done on the same day.


Olaplex was developed in the U.S. and launched last year (2014) to great acclaim. Top hairdressers and celebrities are said to be fans and its being hailed as the holy grail of hair treatments.

Not to be confused with a conditioning treatment that coats the hair with silicons and only lasts a few washes, Olaplex repairs the disulphide bonds that are broken within the hair during chemical and thermal processes therfore creating hair that is no longer overprocessed and comprimsed. If your hair is bleached/highlighted or if you have any other chemical process this treatment is perfect for you.


Olaplex can be used as a stand alone treatment and also can be used in all chemical procedures post Olaplex also your hair will feel light and weightless it will prolong any chemical process such as colour.

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"Joanne is an excellent colour technician, very talented and a perfectionist. I would not use anyone else now."